One central system for customer information

Unified Agent Desktop

When technology limits your service

In the 'Age of the Customer', expectations of service and experience are high. When agents have to manually sign-on to multiple systems to retrieve customer information, that experience is limited by the technology.

The challenge

When agents have to navigate multiple systems for customer information mid-transaction, call lengths increase as do frustrations, especially if the customer is placed on hold. Disparate systems are prone to data inaccuracies and require additional administration time to maintain and keep it up to date; another unproductive use of agent time.

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The solution

By combining each information stream into one unified agent desktop, agents have immediate access to all customer data and a full history of prior interactions. Agents are able to offer a more personalised experience and are better equipped to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

The result

Agents gain productive time on each call by eliminating the need to search multiple systems or allow them to catch up. Inaccuracies are reduced as revised data is bilaterally updated across systems instantaneously.

What 3 'must have' areas should your unified agent desktop feature?

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