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Happy agents, happy customers

If your agent performance reporting and evaluation is basic, it is difficult to know what skills gaps you need to address. Workforce Optimisation tools will help you to improve your customer experience through agent development and nurturing.

The challenge

Agents without the required skills or training cannot provide the best service to your customers. They can become demotivated reducing performance further. So how do you get out of this cycle? By gaining early insights into employee training needs, you are able to proactively correct potential concerns, support development and recognise great performance.

Can you effectively managing advisor performance and monitor how contacts are handled?

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The solution

Automated daily, weekly and monthly reporting helps identify consistent skills gaps and provide you with substantial information to form objectives for benchmarking and development. Once training needs have been identified, provide self-help automated coaching, e-learning and scoreboard assessments to transfer knowledge and best practices.

The result

Improve agent morale and reduce churn by recognising great performance as well as training opportunities. Gain an informed view of agent performance and motivate them to recognise the importance and value of their contributions to their review and business success.

Our golden rules for successful agent training

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