Accurately forecast and schedule agent resource

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Manual staff scheduling

People are the most valuable asset in your contact centre. Getting agents in the right place, at the right time, to respond to customer demand is a challenge. Complex staff scheduling is often a manual process. And calculating exact coverage is time consuming.

The challenge

Completing staff scheduling manually, using a spreadsheet for example, can be a long and laborious process. And if you need to make frequent changes, this administration time creeps upwards.

What you really want is to be focusing your time on improving customer experience and business growth.

Eurotunnel Group achieve amazing results with QMax

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The solution

A workforce optimisation (WFO) tool automates staff scheduling, allowing you to accurately calculate and forecast resource requirements in seconds, to within 5%. Simplify your processes and gain valuable time.

The result

Unique rules-based scheduling, intraday management and real-time agent views allow you to design optimum and agile shift schedules no matter what changes you need to make throughout a day, week or month.

Secrets for success for resource planners

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