Solutions for UK Police Forces

Improving communication

We work closely with police forces across the UK helping them to make efficiencies across operations and retain front line staff. Our range of comprehensive solutions boost the efficiency of control rooms. From the use of back office systems to the handling of calls, including both non-emergency and emergency lines.

Allow the public to self-serve

Allowing the public to use self-service automation for routine tasks reduces the amount of time officers spend processing non-emergency crime reports and allows them to focus on managing and preventing more serious crime.

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Shared Services: Friend or Foe?

Early adopters, identified as being at similar points in IT development, have already formed partnerships that allow shared services to support police forces miles apart from each other. Their success is prompting many forces to ask themselves the question: Shared Services – Friend or Foe?

Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub

Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) is an important central resource for organisations responsible for the safeguarding of the public. Working together towards a collective goal is imperative. Sharing vital information across multiple organisations is key to this. These partnership projects co-ordinate safeguarding agencies to form a secure assessment, research and referral unit.

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