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Limited visibility and monitoring of your contact centre’s performance reduces your ability to track against key performance indicators (KPIs). Consider business process management tools to more effectively check progress.

The challenge

Without the necessary resources, tracking the progress of your contact centre’s performance is close to impossible. Identifying areas which require improved productivity or efficiencies is a key part of business planning and growth. Without them, decisions about your contact centre’s future is challenging and uninformed.

Performance and quality - from responsive to predictive

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The solution

Implement business process management tools and gain insight into back-office actions and work practices helping you to identify performance and training needs. These tools collect, correlate and analyse contact centre data from any source and extract valuable insights. Customisable widgets allow you to monitor performance and spot unusual behaviour on real-time dashboards, available on any device.

The result

Using rich and deep data analysis, optimise business processes to reduce costs, increase revenue and productivity, and enhance customer experience. Use rules-based intelligence to notify you of any particular or unusual activities and automate workflows. Be better informed to make smart decisions about your contact centre.

Should average handling time (AHT) be one of your KPIs?

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