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Right agent, right place, right time

Customer interactions come through multiple channels and are hard to keep track of. They then need to be routed and handled consistently by the most appropriate agent.

Consider how multichannel and a universal queue could help you to provide seamless customer experiences.

The challenge

With a variety of channels available, customers expect to be able to contact you how and when they choose. Channels that don’t require an immediate real-time response can easily be forgotten at peak-times, especially if your systems are not integrated.

Streamline your multichannel interactions

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The solution

By routing all communications into one universal queue, no channel is forgotten. Implementing flexible skills-based routing ensures each interaction is handled by the most appropriate agent. The customer experience becomes seamless and service is consistent regardless of channel.

The result

You’ll benefit from shorter waiting times and greater customer throughput, resulting in fewer repeat contacts and higher first contact resolution (FCR).

A Universal Queue is more than just technology

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