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Enhance customer relationships

Allowing your customers and tenants to communicate with you through their preferred channel is essential in maintaining your relationship. Unlike Local Government where there is a drive to use channel shift to reduce costs, for Housing, the focus on channel shift is to support a more effective conversation.

Customer Experience Manager

MATS Low-code provides your advisors with a full view of your customer interaction history. Wherever you start – you can build and adapt your solution to fit your business perfectly and ensure your tenants get the rich, multi-channel experience they deserve.

Harness our expertise in the social housing arena

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Multichannel Contact Centre

With multiple channels of communication available to your tenants, it can be easy to lose track. By combining all these channels into one universal queue, your advisors will have a full view of information in a single user interface. Reduce waiting times and improve the rate of resolution as all existing and new systems are seamlessly integrated.

PCI IVR Payments

Allow tenants to make payments and check balances at any time, whilst reducing the cost of service through automated payments assistance. Combine the payments solution with other back-office systems including CRM and billing. Our secure and PCI compliant infrastructure is available on-premise or via a hosted deployment, whichever suits your organisation.

Manage peak demand in your contact centre

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Tenant & Customer Self Service

Enable your tenants to achieve their goals quickly and effortlessly using self-service and automation. Available 24x7, it offers a highly convenient and cost effective solution for simple tasks. Reduce demand on your contact centre during periods of high demand, saving on extra staffing costs whilst improving tenant satisfaction.

Reduce the paper mountain

Accessing documents at the touch of a fingertip across your organisation promotes accurate responses and improves tenant service. Housing Officers are able to gain more productive time back to visit tenants with speedy document search capabilities. Eradicate the need for cumbersome filing cabinets and save on physical space too!

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