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Proven heritage

We support more than 40 higher education institutions across the country to cost effectively manage their unique demands and deliver results. For more than 20 years we have been, and remain committed to, delivering innovative proven solutions which integrate with and harness the value within your existing telephony infrastructure including Microsoft® Skype for Business.

The Challenges of Clearing

There are many factors to consider when trying to calculate the size of a Clearing solution. Having discussed this with many clients over the years', we have adopted a successful formula as a starting point. We have also answered some of the common questions that you should be asking yourself before the busy Clearing period.

Heriot-Watt University uses Multichannel solutions to improve interactions between sites

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Budgets Under Pressure?

Universities face replacing ineffective legacy call management systems. This incurs significant costs and the solutions typically do not provide an overall view of the student experience. Instead, integrate a new solution to harness the best of your existing legacy infrastructure or PABX. Reduce annual support costs and deliver a rapid return on your investment.

MATS Low-code

Netcall can help you improve your student services by providing the right student information, in the right place, at the right time.

MATS is easy to use for business users. Its comprehensive array of configurable building blocks make it ideal for citizen developers too. Support for centralised data models and the tools you need to manage environments with many integrated applications.

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Unified Reporting

Dashboards provide a real-time feed of multichannel contact data by department. Providing visibility of contact demand peaks enables other departments to appropriately manage their resources. For example peaks for clearing will impact student services, finance and accommodation and affect IT and Telecoms support.

Innovative Technology

Our innovative licencing approach means that Universities are able to increase staff capacity and manage expected demand peaks, such as clearing or graduation, without the traditional infrastructure costs. This allows supervisors to rapidly respond as peaks happen, minimising any service impact whilst supporting their teams.

Northumbria University achieved ROI within 16 months using Netcall's Automated Payments solution

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Effective Day-To-Day Management

Empower your team leaders to more effectively manage their teams. They can easily make ‘moves, adds and changes’ (MAC) to teams, groups, skills or queues. They manage their own reporting needs and reduce the burden on the IT and telephony teams. Reporting data is easily accessible and the ability to listen to, read or monitor agent performance for training purposes is included as standard.

Monitoring & Control

Managers need to see a real-time ‘big picture’ view of activity and achievement across all their teams. Compiling month-end reports is typically time consuming. Our solution provides an easy-to-use report designer which bookmarks favourite or regular reports. Additionally you can provide URL links to commonly required reports which will enable executives to gain quick updates at the touch of a button.

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