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Sending out customer feedback surveys helps you to focus on your customer experience and make significant improvements. However, if they are generic and sent out manually they may not perform as well as you hope.

The challenge

Sending out customer surveys manually is a monotonous job which could potentially take up a lot of time. To make surveys worthwhile and valuable to you, they need to be specific and far reaching. Consider automation and personalisation for the best results.

Discover how Hertfordshire Constabulary used surveys to speed up processing and meet targets

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The solution

Collect data using automated outbound calls, post-call processing or a web-based portal, and swiftly identify and investigate any complaints. Survey responses can even be cross-referenced against call scoring in the Quality Management Suite.

The result

Proactive Outbound Communications allow you to gain real-time valuable insights into your customers’ experience. You can then review your products and services and shape and evolve your future engagements, ultimately increasing first contact resolution (FCR).

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