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Managing student engagement

Are your advisers often tied up in manual processes and feeling over-stretched? Students can then be handed from department to department, depending on results and conversation flow. Often resulting in longer than necessary call handling times, high levels of abandoned calls and stretching wait times for others even further.

Providing flexible solutions

With each student placement worth around £27k over a three year period, competition during A-Level results week between universities is fiercer than ever. The challenge is how to manage the huge spike in demand that this presents, without incurring the massive infrastructure costs required to permanently expand your student contact centre.

Sheffield Hallam sees an increase in
offers made through Clearing by over 15%.

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Adaptability is key

We understand that all higher education institutions are unique. Each have their own processes and ways of working. Our portfolio is owned, developed, deployed and supported in-house, so we are able to adopt an agile development methodology; rapidly adapting to your needs. For over 20 years, Netcall has deployed solutions to improve efficiency, maximise savings and transform customer experience.

Maximising student placement

Liberty Student Communications Suite maximises both student placement and profile by providing you with a scalable and resilient hosted solution for use during the busy and competitive period. Working with over 40 higher education institutions, our solution is a robust, end-to-end student communications system that will revolutionise your acceptance process.

A powerful and bespoke omnichannel solution
that transforms contact centre performance.

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