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If your call-waiting times and abandonment rates are too high, both your customers and agents become frustrated.

Netcall can help. Our solutions help to save the British public 700 years on hold every year.

The challenge

When customers reach an agent after being on-hold or in a queue for too long, their experience of your organisation is already tainted with frustration. Agents then have a far more challenging job to transform this experience into a positive one.

Callers often abandon calls after a certain amount of time and resolve to try again later. This has an impact on your contact centre’s overall scores and KPIs.

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The solution

Call back and queue management technology ensures callers always have an option to be contacted back by an agent rather than remain on hold. This option can be made available at any point in the call. All the customer is required to do is leave their name and contact details.

The result

See significant improvements in your contact centre's productivity. Reduce queue times, lower abandonment rates and smooth peaks using QueueBuster.

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