Was your Clearing 2015 an unqualified success?

25th Aug, 2015
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Almost 35,000 students found places at higher education through clearing on 13th August 2015, up a record six percent on last year and the highest number ever to be recorded by UCAS.

Additionally the Government's decision to lift a cap on the number of university places has opened an opportunity for a high number of student acceptance providing a new avenue for future financial security.

Reflecting on your Clearing 2015 experience, was it a success? If you're now considering the results and reviewing future improvements, read on…

How you handle Clearing calls is extremely important. This single critical day impacts potential income for three future years. All will agree that any investment must be balanced and justified. An asset that is unused for 360 days thereafter is not good value.

Student engagement
Confirmation, acceptance and clearing are the start of a long relationship with any student. Students and their families are stressed as they experience this significant life event. Your intervention and planning makes all the difference to a strong future relationship. Short queues, effective use of in-queue time to gather data, calm agents and easy clear conversations will enable every student to make a reasoned and grounded decision.

Empowered agents
Agents that are informed, have all the student details at their fingertips and are able to stay in control of the call. Improve their capacity to deliver excellent service and then continue to do so throughout the very busy day. Enable them to effectively transfer calls and the associated history to their academic colleagues and ensure that you remain in control of that call activity throughout.

Proactive management
Managers with instant visibility who are able to monitor queues at first and second tier in real-time are able to provide practical situation changing support. As bottlenecks arise due to student needs they can seamlessly reassign agents or tutors, ask agents to shift their breaks or organise for abandoned calls to be followed up.

As you reflect on recent events and wrap up your clearing project, perhaps you may want to consider if it would be helpful to:

  • Maximise the potential of your internal telephony resources through using off site queues to manage call peaks
  • Have the comfort and security of a full contingency back up plan which will allow your team to answer calls at any location and on any device
  • Monitor every queue, call and contact with real-time dashboards that optimise your planning on the day and for the days ahead with comprehensive reporting data
  • Have the backing of a responsive, flexible, supportive professional team who are with you every step of the way.

Netcall has been working with customers in the Higher Education sector for almost 20 years and are proud to be members of UCISA. Their Clearing 2015 results are impressive!

  • Call volumes - Up almost 40%
  • Wait time - Less than 10 seconds
  • Internal telephony - 100% deployed on answering calls
  • Abandoned calls - 98% reduction
  • Agents - In control and able to deliver quality experience
  • Managers - Real-time proactive support to all agents and academic teams

If you would like to engage with your students and impress your senior management as you answer significantly more calls and make more offers, submit the form to the right and we can contact you to discuss your clearing requirements.

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