Transforming customer experience through digital at IT in Housing 2016

19th Feb, 2016
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More than 250 Housing Association peers met for IT in Housing 2016 (10th to 11th February) at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge stadium.

“What has changed in your housing organisation since 7 May 2015 ..?” asked David Orr, CEO National Housing Federation (NHF) “Everything” agreed the delegates. To which he asked... “And are you running about trying to catch up?”

He continued, “As part of this digital age, organisations need to make it easy for customers, as they make the best of the increasing autonomy the sector is gaining from regulation.”

We bring you a snapshot of the sessions and reflect on specific challenges while sharing the top tips given by the presenters. It seemed to us there were four themes running through the presentations:

  1. Disruption – what it means for your organisation
  2. Digital transformation and the tenant experience
  3. Teams working differently – the increase in mobile working
  4. IT projects versus the ‘ultimate customer result’ that happens with business transformation

Speakers spoke passionately, captivating the audience. Please follow this series to read a summary of their comments and lessons learned.

Jayne Hilditch, of Thames Valley Housing Association (TVH) reviewed ‘myTVH’ a digital transformation journey for tenants. Each automation step was evaluated against the motto… “make your services so good, people prefer to use them ”. Designs are data led, and digital transformation progress includes accounts, payments and repairs. “It’s not just about automation – it’s a fundamental reshaping of the delivery of customer services”.

Typically when asked certain tenant demographics will say they ‘don’t’ have internet – i.e. broadband.. Ofcom confirms more internet is accessed by smartphones than laptops. Data shows 66% of households have smartphones, and increasingly tenants are online with Facebook or email via their smartphone.

Customers expect to be able to channel swap to achieve their goals in a way that suits them at any specific time. In delivering end-to-end tenant transformation, and responding to the market disruption the speakers recommended that organisations need to:

  • Assess their customer profile and understand customer behaviour
  • Consider repetitive work and wherever possible automating to self-service thereby free your team resource
  • Make access easy by adapting the successes gained in the corporate world
  • Keep the internal experience on track with the customer experience by providing unified information that will improve handling time and resolution
  • Provide information in real-time for all the team to enable effective mobile working with seamless back office workflows that align with contact centre staff processes.

David Orr concluded his keynote by urging delegates to consider the exciting and influential role they could play as they focused on ‘inventing the future’ rather than managing the present.

Watch out for the next blog in the series where we will be discussing what we learned from IT in Housing about transforming team working experience through digital.

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