[Podcast] Life in Low-code: MATS Community update with Dave Amps

2nd May, 2019
Read time: 4 minutes

Our all-new MATS Community has been up and running for several months now, so the time was right to hear all about it from Customer Solutions Director, Dave Amps.

If you’re a regular subscriber to our webinars and podcasts, you’ll recognise Dave, who was previously responsible for the development of Netcall’s Liberty ContactCentre. He often joins us to share news, insights and updates surrounding the platform and with a passion for technology, he’s great to interview. Dave’s recently transitioned to MATS Low-code, forming a team to create and run our MATS Community and AppShare.

Hear what Dave had to say by listening to the full interview on our podcast channel Life in Low-code, or read the highlights below.

LW: So Dave, as someone with a strong interest in tech, what is it that excites you most about Low-code?

DA: That’s easy, ease of use and flexibility. Right from my first introduction to MATS I was hooked! It’s the only tech training course I have been on where every candidate stayed in the classroom over lunch to carry on refining their models, discovering new parts. This translates perfectly into the real world, it works fantastically for me to prototype in an agile environment.

Everything behind The Community – as you would expect – is built on MATS, all created by my team. I have no idea how I would have got there so quickly without it. We went from nothing to version 1 launch in 4 months. I know it’s cliché, but fail fast. We were a new team trying to understand what to build and how to get there, and it was so useful being able to prototype. We look at what worked, what didn’t, shared that with other stakeholders, and if we were starting to go down a dead end, no problem. Pull back, move it and change it. It’s been fantastic! Those are the key things that stick in my mind actually.

LW: One of the reasons I was really keen to invite you on this podcast is to go into more detail about the MATS Community. What was the thinking behind its launch?

DA: Easy, it was about interaction with our MATS builders. Up to this point all our interaction with MATS builders was indirect. In other words, using traditional email, calls and events, with visits when necessary. We didn’t feel it was proactive enough. There was little opportunity to get like-minded builders together from different organisations. There was no way of sharing things like best practice, ideas and being able to support each other. We wanted to fix all that and more.

So, we’ve created an online space that offers information, help, and resources all in one place. The Community is aimed at MATS builders – or other interested technical parties involved in the design modelling and implementation of MATS applications and processes that make people’s lives easier.


The Community offers a number of key areas including:

A dedicated Forum, where users can ask questions, get advice, contribute to discussions, and for registered users to raise support requests.

A Training Academy, an area where registered users can access e-Learning material and book classroom training. They can also get access to all the e-learning courses.

The Resources Centre, an ever-growing place to access and download a large catalogue of technical documentation, such as ‘How to’ guides, release notes and video guide resources. It’s all in one place for people to search and download etc.

And finally, the AppShare. For me this is the most exciting part of the community, it’s an area where any user can browse through a catalogue of free pre-built applications, accelerators and components such as themes, widgets and plugins. All of these can be downloaded and used by registered users to start or enhance their own projects.

Anyone can contribute and share. Indeed, I was with a customer last week going through the process with them. All you need is an idea, the model and the want to be part of something bigger – which, by the way, is a big drive for local government – and my dedicated AppShare team will work with you to do the rest. It is massively powerful! Get your name in lights with AppShare items up and running.

We also have a Try MATS programme, so if someone would benefit from real hands-on experience of MATS building for a project they are working on, we can set that up as well.

LW: It sounds like an amazing project, how is it all going?

DA: Very well! We already have around 200 builders registered on The Community, in just the first 3.5 months alone. It’s growing quickly!

Everybody that goes through the MATS training course gets automatically registered onto The Community once they’ve completed the training – which then gives them access to the library of resources. The Forum is being well used, and the AppShare has gone down a storm. My team is actively working with 3 customers at present to upload content, which is a great start. We also have a bunch of new accelerators to be added over the next 3 months.

LW: What does the future hold for The Community, anything you can share?

DA: There’s so much. We are currently working on a new Partner area, new AppShares aimed at specific verticals, we will have our Local Government and Health apps available later this year. Harking back to my previous role with Liberty, it’s clear to me the Community and AppShare has just as much to offer to Liberty users. MATS and Liberty work seamlessly together in order to provide that overall customer engagement solution. So, with that in mind we will be extending the community and Appshare to cover both.

So, if you want an issue tracking system, with full integration into a multimedia ContactCentre, you can simply go to The Community and AppShare, download the enhancements for your ContactCentre and build the whole thing out from that. From there you will be able to see what others are doing, get advice and even download your starting point. All massively exciting!

As mentioned in this interview, anyone can join our MATS Community.

Don’t forget you can listen to the podcast in full on soundcloud.com/lifeinlowcode.

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