​Marketing own the brand – should they own social media too…?

8th Mar, 2016
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Typically marketing and communications are the corporate brand guardians, regulate brand communications and manage customer acquisition. Marketing hold the budget too, so therefore social media should belong to them – or should it?

Brands now know that they are not in control, it is their customers who decide what they want to see, think or buy. There is, therefore, a real business case for marketing ‘@brand’ on social.

  • 78% of consumers trust personal recommendations over search result rankings
  • 94% increase prospect click through rate when exposed to relevant branded social media. (Prestige Marketing)
  • 48% of online purchasers use both search and social media to make decisions.

Greg Allum from British Gas says marketers who monitor social platforms have an advantage. “We get to hear real customers talk on a daily basis about our brands in real-time.” Using this rich insight “can be extremely potent if used in the right way – not just for brand marketing but to inform the business about competitors and enable the development of new products and services.”

Below we highlight three key areas to consider when embarking on social media projects.

Target your marketing
Mine the data from your social sites and enhance your ability to segment, target and personalise future communications. 83% of all organisations do not analyse the demographics or profiles of the customers that are active or influential on social media. (Source: Aberdeen Group)


  • Do you clearly understand what will differentiate your product or service?
  • Are you marketing to the most applicable people?

Monitoring sentiment or complaints for all competitor products highlights quick wins. Learn where improvements will make the most impact. Recognise your key influencers and brand advocates and engage with them.

SEO and search engine rankings
Increasingly search engines will reference rankings from social networks meaning comments from customers will now affect your marketing web and digital outreach and your position in search results.

What marketing need from a social media tool
Carefully consider any investment and check that you are able to:

  1. Monitor activity and sentiment in real-time to understand the reasons for interactions
  2. Keep all parties informed and up to date with integrated campaign planning
  3. Ensure visual appeal of every action with pre-flight image editing
  4. Deliver content consistently
  5. Automate capture of competitor mentions to improve monitoring and awareness
  6. View and use tailored real-time reports.

Marketing can make a strong case for their ownership of your organisation’s social media platforms.

Imagine the added value to your brand and customers when you use ‘@brand’ to represent the main social forums and ‘@brandhelp’ to represent your customer service social forums.

However best practice shows that when ‘@brand’ and ‘@brandhelp’ work in partnership, your customers and prospects both win!

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