Top priority - Managing multi-channel customer interactions end-to-end

18th Feb, 2016
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Optimising the customer journey experience delivers significant revenue and performance benefits. But, only 14% of organisations we surveyed believe they are managing the end-to-end journey well, as part of their ‘business as usual’ activities.

There seems to be a perception gap. 80% of chief executives think they have a good customer experience while only 8% of their customers agree (BAIN).

This gap reveals the urgent need for internal change. The good news is improved Customer Experience (CX) retains customers, encourages repurchase and leads to peer recommendations. (Forrester). And according to BAIN, just a 5% reduction in customer churn could add between 25% - 95% to profitability.

The journey is ongoing, and continued, sustained improvements need to be made in order to achieve a great customer experience. Our Solution Architects suggest that an analysis of these three capabilities highlights the most effective multichannel transformation potential.

  1. Ensure you have common goals across all departments delivering customer service
    • Focus teams on common metrics integrating processes and workflows
    • Innovate on interdepartmental processes to reduce customer effort
  2. Integrate key systems
    • Analyse how you can create an integrated platform solution with your current solutions
    • A universal queue (UQ) provides visibility across all contacts and eliminates silo handling of media
    • Deliver a single sign-on for multiple systems to save agents time
    • Trigger alerts on workflows and inform appropriate colleagues across departments of staged progress, reducing delays, increasing customer satisfaction and enabling higher agent productivity
  3. Agent training and empowerment
    • Perform a multi-skill multichannel analysis and understand how to maximise the potential of your teams
    • Create step by step agent guidance in line with appropriate workflows to support agents and reduce training time
    • Using a knowledge base

Your customer experience strategy must evolve to meet the needs of your customers. These blogs will continue to offer best practices and points to evaluate to support you on your journey.

For more detail on the priorities of your peers, download the 2016 report.

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