Innovation should be a day job

20th Sep, 2018

Council Services and how they are delivered will always be subject to change. So the last thing you want is your customer journey cemented into your software systems. Processes will always need to evolve and adapt in order to improve.

It’s never been more important to embrace transformation. To be agile. To aim at thriving, rather than just surviving.

All aboard

To truly transform a legacy business, change has to align with long-term strategic goals. And because organisational culture is the biggest barrier to the success of any transformation all levels of the business need to buy-in to this vision of the future.

“Around 70% of transformation projects don’t succeed, mostly due to employee resistance to change and management behaviour.” McKinsey

Without a clear, agreed vision, any attempts at innovation will come up against the weight of organisational inertia, entrenched attitudes, and resistance to change.

Innovation in action: Adur & Worthing Councils

Static to Adaptive

The merged district and borough councils of Adur & Worthing set out to transform themselves from organisations that were viewed as “static, stagnant, solid, risk-averse, bureaucratic, slow to respond and frustrating to deal with”, into “a Council that operates in a more adaptive way” to support citizens, businesses, partners and its own employees. And this objective came right from the very top.

Part of what made the councils so slow to respond was their reliance on more than 400 legacy IT systems, which were expensive to maintain and slow to update. They lacked integration, supplicated effort and resulted in inefficient, paper-based processes.

The Citizen Platform: A complete digital reboot

The council embarked on a complete digital redesign, taking service-delivery innovators like Airbnb as inspiration. With an ambition to drastically reduce the legacy IT estate, the team set about building a “Citizen Platform” for digital service delivery.

The council selected the MATS Low-code platform to redesign service delivery processes and quickly build modern applications to automate them.

Not only can non-technical staff design and build new applications quickly in MATS, it’s also far more cost-effective than licensing a slew of SaaS applications. In this age of public austerity, considerations like these matter a lot.

A major impact

Applications built using Low-code are having a major impact. With new, efficient, digital processes transforming everything from waste management to on-boarding new recruits.

Just as importantly, Adur and Worthing are improving the customer experience for citizens. They are also able to support new mobile and digital ways of engaging with citizens, employees and sub-contractors.

Today, council employees with ideas for service delivery improvements can model and test them instantly. The councils are in full control of application development and service delivery. Projected savings are into the millions. In recognition of their vision and achievements, the councils were awarded both a Socitm Digital Innovation Award and a Computing Digital Leaders award for best not for profit innovation 2017

“We’re no longer beholden to external IT suppliers and their timelines. We control application development and delivery in-house, and because it’s Low-code, we can do it fast and at low cost.” Paul Brewer, Director of Digital and Resources, Adur & Worthing Councils

Accelerate digital innovation with Low-code

Low-code for Local Government helps councils to reimagine user services and flexibly design, create and integrate all the digital features and communications they need.

By leveraging Netcall’s Low-code, councils can also re-use or share standardised or highly defined processes or applications that already exist as a cloud-based digital service.

Low-code frees time, resource and money to focus on more complex, high impact services. It accelerates transformation across both commodity and complex issue services.

Read the full case study on Adur & Worthing.

Check out our eGuide: The definitive guide to process innovation using Low-code platforms for more.

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