hpaPaaS - what it is and how it can help your CX [Podcast]

21st May, 2018
Read time: 2 minutes

It’s the question on everyone’s lips since the release of Gartner’s hpaPaaS (High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service) magic quadrant; what is hpaPaaS and how can it help your CX?

hpaPaaS and Low-code are (pretty much) the same thing. And, if you’re looking for faster, more cost-effective ways to build your own digital solutions, you’ll need to have both flavours on your shopping list.

Put simply, any business that wants to go beyond “digitisation” to true digital transformation requires software which solves the problems of integration, workarounds and change. Off-the-shelf solutions fall far short of the mark. hpaPaaS platforms enable you to build the solutions you need faster and iteratively. This helps you improve customer journeys, restore governance and accelerate operational efficiencies.

In this episode

Louise Wright is joined by two guests – Netcall CTO Richard Farrell and MatsSoft CTO Richard Billington. We’ve got some exciting news to talk about, as we’re included in Gartner’s 2018 Enterprise hpaPaaS Magic Quadrant.

The low-down on hpaPaaS

Richard Farrell breaks down hpaPaaS, what it means to the market, the criteria for inclusion and where the MATS platform excelled.

Heritage to take you forward

Choosing a platform that supports your transformation needs, whether those are legacy replacement, mobility or innovation is key. Richard Billington talks about being the only British vendor included, delivering sector solutions for our customers and our heritage in Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Health and Public Sector.

Out with the old in with the new

hpaPaaS platforms are the evolution of the old Rapid Application Development environment. This evolution has come from the advancement of browser technology and this drives an organisation’s ability to launch an application and configure themselves.

Standing out from the crowd

High on the agenda for CEOs is improving customer experience. The ability to connect legacy IT with digital strategy, solving software limitations from front to back office, avoiding platform lock-in and upgrade complexity are key to differentiating CX.

Unlocking digital leaders’ ability to change ways of working

With a global digital skills shortage, how do CIOs deliver this progress with a lack of skills and budget? hpaPaaS platforms are a great way of enabling that. They give the opportunity to get up and running faster, change ways of working, drive competitive advantage and innovate in customer experience.

Keeping up with the pace of change

With a significant shift towards platform investment, investors are looking for platforms that not only overcome the challenge of today but support innovation tomorrow. Recognising that no business or customer journey is the same, gone are the days of buying off the shelf software. The business drives the solutions they need, maintaining IT governance, control and quality across all in-house application development.

Listen to this podcast in full at https://soundcloud.com/netcallplc/what-is-hpapaas.

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