Improving Student Interactions in Your Higher Education Institution – 2/2

30th Jul, 2015
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Previously in part 1 of this blog we discussed how to increase the efficiency of student interaction for your institution. Here are two more powerful tips from our solution experts, one on empowering your team leaders and the other on resource planning and performance monitoring.

Empower your team leaders

As the number of staff dealing with student enquiries increases, so does the need for effective management of your skills based routing to effectively allocate agents to skills and queues. IT resource is increasingly hard to reach. Does your solution empower your supervisors to rapidly respond to changing student demand in real time and respond by moving, adding team members or changing teams while adjusting groups, skill sets and queue types?

Through our work with more than 40 higher education institutions, we've seen a large increase in demand from existing customers for call handling systems for staff working on more than one site. Heriot-Watt University wanted to find a way to radically improve communications across their sites, implementing an automated call distribution (ACD) solution allows them to effectively direct calls through skills based routing using automation, which is available 24x7.

Supervisors are challenged to optimise the performance of their teams. Having real-time dashboards that allow them to view the current day's performance for factors such as number of enquiries processed, longest wait time and agent utilisation rate, ensures they can proactively respond and allocate resources effectively. Actively track historic performance on a regular basis by using bookmarked views (in URL format) and instantly generate reports saving a significant amount of time for month end reporting.

Monitoring and control

UCAS Customer Services Unit answers as many as 15,000 calls per day. By implementing a Workforce Management solution the team increased their efficiency and call capacity ensuring demand fluctuations are handled efficiently. Their teams were able to answer 3,000 more calls per day.

Once the building blocks of an effective contact centre have been established through workforce management, consider implementing an agent adherence programme to enable better monitoring of your contact centre staff and improve agent performance.

An Agent Adherence programme begins the conversation of 'the power of one'. This is the power every agent has to make a difference to service and to their team's performance. Objective measures and a collaborative approach will increase agent buy-in ultimately, the level of success you can achieve.

Staff will be increasingly motivated and see the benefits of the new system as their individual efforts and achievements are recognised.

Consider listening to recorded calls or analysing contact logs to highlight skill gaps, so supervisors gain a new level of clarity when analysing individual and team performance. Showcase successful interactions at team meetings grow capability and morale. Use quality performance output to devise relevant training and personal development plans.

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