Five Steps to Manage Social Media in a Contact Centre

6th Nov, 2014
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As acceptance and use of social media increases, so will the importance of tracking and responding to posts relevant to your business. The benefits can go beyond just tracking posts. Many industries are already working hard to make the most of multiple social media feeds. Some groups such as Government, Media or Financial Institutions are looking to identify market-moving trends or topics of public concern which have the potential to go viral and get out of hand (Financial Times, 2014).

However, for most businesses today, the task is more about identifying any negative posts that have the potential to cause reputational damage. The challenge is compounded when you consider that companies have to monitor a range of social media platforms all at the same time; Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress and a myriad of others. Consider these points:


It's unlikely that most mid-sized contact centres in the UK have the resources to monitor all the different social media accounts within the business continuously. Even if they could, it's unlikely that they can filter out in real-time those negative posts which warrant the engagement of a contact centre agent.

That is why contact centre professionals are looking to utilise new tools which can:

  • Monitor all the feeds from multiple social media platforms
  • Identify those originating from influential people and groups
  • Scan all social traffic to detect posts with negative terms associated with a brand name
  • Integrate with skills-based engines to route negative posts to suitably trained agents
  • Progressively build up a profile of trends and users to help inform the company's social media customer engagement strategy

Consider the chart below for an overview of the process most companies should be striving for:


It is reported that there are over four hundred different social media monitoring tools globally. However only a few can successfully identify negative sentiment and integrate with contact centre systems and workflow.

So, if you are looking to introduce social media into your multichannel contact centre, be sure to find a vendor who:

  • Understands and has a proven track record in the customer engagement environment
  • Has access to 100% of available social media traffic in real-time, and
  • Can help you to evolve your social media handling ability as your business grows

This last point can be a critical part of your business plan. Knowing that the technology you choose, can adapt as your social media needs mature, can radically influence the return on investment.

Look out for our blog "Four practical tips to future proof your social media solution".

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