Five reasons to love customer engagement (this Valentine’s Day!)

14th Feb, 2018
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Like romance, customer engagement is an art, not a science. And like any relationship, our connection with our clients is constantly evolving; often in response to their own customer needs or expectations. To mark this Valentine’s Day, we take a look at the things we love about customer engagement, starting with a simple equation:

1.Happy clients equal happy agents.

We’re all human. And everyone loves a compliment. Dealing with happy customers improves an agent’s morale, and positivity is infectious. When interactions are resolved successfully, staff go home happy. They’ll stay in client facing roles for longer, with less absenteeism. They’ll become brand ambassadors among friends, neighbours and relatives. And they’ll arrive for work with a smile, helping customers to feel sunny too. Improving customer experiences (CX) creates a virtuous circle between agents, clients and brands.

2.Our industry is always changing.

Sometimes, relationships get a little stale. But that rarely happens in contact centres. Customer needs change all the time, and technology evolves in response. This keeps agents interested and challenged in equal measure. Netcall’s suite of innovative contact centre solutions reflects today’s changing market. Our modular solutions dovetail with your legacy software, improving efficiency and optimising productivity. They provide engagement across every channel, as new communication methods develop. Today it’s Twitter and WhatsApp – but what will tomorrow bring?

3.Providing great CX adds value.

Sometimes, the personal touches mean the most. Netcall knows how tailored interactions add value to your brand. They bring personality and charm to customer contact, which often boosts loyalty. Everyone wants to think of themselves as a name, not just a number. And when companies treat their clients as individuals, positive PR usually follows.

4.It generates (and supports) growth.

Various reports and surveys illustrate the value of strong customer engagement. A happy consumer will tell up to six people about their experience. Yet it costs six times more to win new clients than keep existing ones. And firms prioritising CX generate 60% more profits than ones who don’t. Keeping existing customers is far easier and more cost-effective than attracting them. Since poor service is the main reason for customer churn, it’s worth tackling. Our platforms grow and expand with your business.

5.Customers are for life…

…At least, they can be if your client engagement is strong. People become brand loyal if a firm exceeds their expectations all the time. Once they’re committed to your business, customers may be balance sheet assets for years. Companies who treat their clients well rarely go out of business. In fact, they tend to be the market leaders and industry champions.

Netcall’s tailored software solutions help to build great CX, improving efficiency levels. We’re already helping over 700 organisations to manage their most valuable relationships. For more information about our business solutions go to To ensure your business shares the love with its clients, get in touch.

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