​6 top tips for integrating the back office into the contact centre

29th Mar, 2016
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Contact centre interactions are often complex and normally they are a customer’s last resort after exhausting all other customer service channels. As the number of contact channels available continues to increase, the larger the project to integrate them becomes.

It is key, therefore, for contact centre agents to strive for first contact resolution (FCR). However, providing a seamless and successful customer experience is dependent on a seamless agent experience.

Tighter integration of front- and back-office systems supports agents to resolve issues faster by rapidly supplying them with the correct information. Whether working remotely, in-office or ‘on the road’, agents are able to quickly resolve issues, reduce handling time and manage customer frustrations.

In this article, we will reveal the best practice top tips to follow when integrating the back office into your contact centre.

Tip #1
Map out your ideal customer journey – audit current processes between your contact centre and the back-office to provide you with a map of the elements you need to deliver a great customer experience.

Tip #2
Include even those infrequently used forms of contact – focus on the end goal of developing a universal queue, this includes all forms of contact; email, web chat, face-to-face, post or phone, to transform your customer experience through any channel.

Tip #3
Be transparent - let the rest of your business know about your plans, other departments might be able to help. Set common goals to motivate team work and improve customer satisfaction.

Tip #4
Obtain buy-in at executive level – in order for this to be successful you need the support of executives from both the back office team and the contact centre. It’s often a good idea to bring the two teams together and get the executives and managers to show that they are fully on-board with the proposals.

Tip #5
Evolution not Revolution – you may find some staff are resistant to change – they are unsure how these changes will affect their jobs and their future. It’s often better to take “baby steps” – find some quick wins and share them with the team. Ensure them that the changes are a good thing and will help their job to be more satisfying.

Tip #6
Make sure you have the right tools for the job – integrating back office information into the contact centre can be a complex job. Make sure the tools you are using can easily pull information from disparate systems and display it in a way that makes it easier for the call centre staff to do their jobs. Also make sure that it is flexible enough to make changes in the future that will not require expensive technical consultants.

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