Record, measure and evaluate agent performance

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Technology to support you

In order to support agents to perform consistently and identify training needs, you need the right technology to record, measure and evaluate customer interactions.

With the right technology you can capture, store, replay and analyse all interactions across your contact centre.

The challenge

Monitoring customer interactions isn’t just essential to providing the best customer service, but also for auditing and regulation purposes. Without visibility of where your contact centre is excelling or performing poorly, forming strategies to address these issues is challenging.

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The solution

Use screen capture and voice recording playback to check agents are adhering to procedure, policy and regulations. Scheduled automated recording samples sent straight to supervisor workspaces means information is close at hand, ready for review.

Use meta data and keyword voice analytics to flag or automatically select any interactions of interest and search large volumes of audio content.

The result

Gain quicker access to files for auditing and compliance. Reconstruct events across multiple sources to build a visual timeline, such as for complaints or escalation handling. Improve customer service based on real-life scenarios and use them as case studies for training.

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